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Do all Glamsquad memberships automatically renew?

Yes, all Glamsquad memberships automatically renew on a monthly basis after any prepaid time has ended. Prepaid time may include 1 month, 3 months, or yearly.

What is the Glamsquad membership?

The Glamsquad membership is the perfect way for you to get your favorite blowouts for less on a monthly basis. Plus, you can enjoy exclusive members-only perks such as a 10% discount on additional hair, nail and makeup services.

How do I purchase the Glamsquad membership?

Under the Services menu on or in the Glamsquad app, click Membership. Add the Membership option to your cart and check out to purchase.

How do I use my membership and package credits in one booking?

By default, Glamsquad membership blowouts will always be used before package credits. For example, if you book a blowout with an additional hair, makeup or nails service, your 10% membership discount will automatically be taken at the time of booking

What happens when I purchase the Glamsquad membership?

You will receive a confirmation email once you’ve successfully purchased a membership. Your membership blowouts will automatically be applied to your account and applied upon booking.

How do I receive my 10% off members-only discount?

After your 2 monthly membership blowouts, a 10% members-only discount is automatically applied to any additional blowouts. The discount also automatically applies to any makeup or nail appointments.

What is the difference between a package and a membership?

Glamsquad packages never expire. However, unused blowout associated with your Glamsquad membership roll over to the following month, but will expire at the end of that month.

Are tax and gratuity included?

Tax, service fee and gratuity are charged upon purchase of your membership.

When can I expect my monthly charge?

The billing cycle is exactly one month from the date of purchase. For example, If you purchased your membership on September 24, the next billing cycle begins on October 24.

Are membership blowouts transferable to other services?

No, membership blowouts cannot be transferred to other services.

When/how can I cancel my membership?

Membership can be cancelled after 30 days of purchase, without penalty. Cancellations cannot be processed for the active month. Future Membership renewals must be cancelled before the next billing cycle. To cancel, please email [email protected].

How do I know how many membership blowouts I have left?

Your membership blowouts can be found in the ‘Promos’ section on your Glamsquad app or in the ‘My Account’ section on the Glamsquad website.

Can my unused membership blowouts be refunded?

Memberships and services associated with them are non-refundable.

Do my membership blowouts expire?

Any unused blowouts will roll over to the following month and expire at the end of that month.

Can promotions and offers be applied to membership blowouts?

No. Promotions are not applicable to an account with an active membership.

What are the Glamsquad Membership Program details?

The Glamsquad Membership is a loyalty program offered by Glamsquad, Inc. ("Glamsquad") to its most valued customers of Glamsquad’s goods and services. These program details form the agreement between each customer that participates in Glamsquad's mem