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Do you offer outdoor services?

Yes! For an outdoor service, you will need to provide a table for the Beauty Professionals tools and supplies, chairs, and easy access to water and electrical outlets. Also please keep lighting levels in mind.

Am I able to split a service with another person?

A Glamsquad service cannot be split between two clients. If you are interested in services for more than one client at the same time please email [email protected].

What if my service requires extra time?

Extra thick hair, involved makeup look, think our service time may not be enough? Reach out to our client experience team to book an hourly or back to back services at [email protected].

What if I have an issue with my service?

Glamsquad always tries our best to provide a seamless experience. Glamsquad values your feedback. If you have an issue with your service please email the Client Experience team at [email protected] or call us at (844) 695-4526.

What products/tools do Glamsquad Beauty Professionals carry with them?

Each hair stylist’s kit contains a blowdryer, flat iron, several curling irons and brushes of varying sizes and styling products. Each makeup artist’s kit is curated to include an array of skincare and makeup products in order to create a variety of

Do you offer services for kids?

Glamsquad offers a kids haircut and kids manicure. The kids manicure is only an option as an add-on to a standard nail service. For all other services, standard service rates apply.