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Do you offer a polish change?

Yes, we offer a polish change only when it accompanies an existing manicure or pedicure appointment. As an example, You can do a manicure with a polish change for your toes or a pedicure with a polish change for your nails.A polish change is an addit

What is included in a spa pedicure?

A spa pedicure includes a callus eliminator and an extra 10-minute massage using ultra-hydrating collagen booties. This will be an additional $25.00 and will add 15 minutes to your pedicure. Your total time with a spa pedicure is 75 minutes.

What is included in a pedicure?

A flawless, hygienic pedicure that shapes, cleans cuticles, lotions and finishes with a perfect polish. Our pedicure is 60 minutes.

Do we offer acrylics or hard gel?

Glamsquad currently offers gel polish manicure. A gel polish manicure is a manicure that uses a soft gel in the form of polish that is cured with an LED light.

What is included in a spa manicure?

A spa manicure includes an extra 10-minute massage and ultra-hydrating gloves. There is an additional $25.00 charge and an additional 15 minutes of service time. The total service for a spa manicure is 60 minutes.

What is included in a manicure?

A flawless, hygienic manicure that shapes, cleans cuticles, lotions and finishes with a perfect polish. Our manicure takes 45 minutes.

Can I book a manicure and decide to add nail art on the spot?

A Glamsquad manicure takes 45 minutes. Nail Art requires an additional 15 minutes and will be an additional charge of $20.00. If you change your mind and the Beauty Professional has time, then nail art can be added to your service.

Can I get a nail art pedicure?

Nail art does not apply to pedicure services.

Is a french manicure considered nail art?

Our modern french manicure is called the French Fling, and it is considered nail art, so the same charge applies.

Can I choose more than one nail art look?

A primary nail art design is used on both hands. One nail on each hand can be an accent and a second design can be selected as the accent..

What cities do we offer gel manicures in?

We offer gel manicures and gel nail art in New York City, Los Angeles, and South Florida.

Do you offer gel pedicures?

Currently, we do not offer a gel pedicure in any of our markets.

Can I design my own nail art look?

Our nail art menu includes chic looks to choose from, and we don’t currently accommodate custom nail art designs. However, feel free to choose your own color combination within our selection of polishes and gel to create your desired look.