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When will my credit card be charged?

You will not be charged until after the appointment is complete, and in agreement with our cancellation policy.

Can I have multiple forms of payment in my account?

Yes, you can have multiple forms of payment in your Glamsquad account. If you book your appointment via the website or app then you can choose which form of payment you would like that appointment to be charged to. If you make your reservation over t

Can I pay split payment for services on multiple cards?

At this time Glamsquad does not support splitting payment onto multiple cards. All appointments booked under a single account must be charged to one card.

What method of payment do you accept?

At this time Glamsquad accepts all credits cards including international credits card. Your credit card information is required in order to book with us. You can add your method of payment in your 'Account Settings' via app or website.

What is the Valet policy?

Glamsquad Beauty Professionals will do their best to find free parking. If they are unable to, they reserve the right to charge you for valet parking, and will charge the fee to your room. In the event that the valet vendor does not allow room charge