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Where do I find my upcoming and past appointments on the Glamsquad website?Updated a year ago

On the website:

  • Once you are signed into your account, hover over "Hi, (your name)!" in the top righthand corner of the screen
  • You will then see several options appear below
  • Click on 'My Appointments'

Once on that page, you can select 'Upcoming Appointments' or 'Past Appointments':

In 'Past Appointments' you can view the receipt, email the receipt to yourself, or book the same service for a future date. Please note, rebooking this appointment does not guarantee you will be matched with the same beauty professional(s).

In 'Upcoming Appointments' you can edit the location, time and date, and the service up to 4 hours prior to the start time. You can cancel your appointment and add appointment notes. (Please see cancellation policy). Examples of appointment notes: how to find your location, where to park, hotel room number, if the hotel room is booked under a different name. 

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